What: VIP Art Fair
Where: Online!
When: 22-30 January 2011

Get ready folks for the first ever international contemporary art fair to be held online! If you have ever dreamed about making it out to Art Basel, the Armory Show or Frieze, then this might just be the perfect way to satisfy your art fair appetite while you save up for your next US or Euro trip! (Which is exactly what I’m doing — I’m heading off to Art Basel next year and the Venice Biennale straight after that!)

With founding galleries that include the likes of David Zwirner, White Cube, Gagosian and Anna Schwartz, and a horde of exhibiting galleries including Marian Goodman, Lisson, Peter Blum, Pace, and many more from all parts of the globe, this is one prestigious international art fair… and all online right at your fingertips.

For one week only, you will be able to view all the artwork in a virtual space for each of the exhibiting galleries, just like in a real art fair, and get up close and personal with the art. Unlike an art fair though you will be able to view the work in absolute privacy (no crowds, no obsessed collectors pushing and shoving in an absolute buying frenzy, etc). The images of the artworks will be displayed relation to other artwork and in relative scale to the human figure so you can sense exactly how big it is. Extreme zooming lets you see right down to the surface of a painting and multiple views are available for three dimensional work. Also available are comprehensive and in-depth information on the artwork and artists including interviews, catalogue essays and much more. There is even a live chat feature where you can speak directly with the dealers! Hello, David Zwirner.

In order to ‘attend’ the fair you will need to request an invitation from the website vipartfair.com. When you get your invitation, general viewing is free of charge, however to access the interactive capabilities of the site you’ll need to get your hands on a VIP ticket which goes on sale during the fair. On the first two days, a VIP ticket will set you back US$100, but after that it’s only US$20. So if you’re like me and not a wealthy collector (yet) with a few spare millions of dollars to throw at the hottest works on art on sale, I’m going to be patient and get the $20 ticket and then be all over some of the best and latest contemporary art in the world… right here… at this desk… in my pyjamas!


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