Okay, so we said we would be away for only a couple of days. It kind of stretched out to 2 weeks! Whoops. It’s crunch time for us at the moment juggling demanding full-time jobs with our year-end exhibitions and I’ve also got my art history final essay due for uni next week. Then I’m jetting off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia next Friday! It’s going to be a much deserved holiday involving pools and plenty of cocktails… and of course art any where I can find it! You will hear about it all here. Meanwhile, while I’m soaking up some tropical sun, you should head out next Saturday and check out the Open Day that’s happening over at the Collingwood Arts Precinct. For more information, check out collingwoodartsprecinct.com.au

What: Collingwood Arts Precinct Open Day
When: 11am – 5pm Saturday November 13 2010

The Collingwood Arts Precinct is now one of Melbourne’s most reputable gallery precincts with a broad range of commercial galleries representing some of Australia’s leading award winning artists and new emerging talent. In recent years the Collingwood Arts Precinct has hosted a number of Open Days and it is with great pleasure that the galleries of the precinct once again open their doors to a day of talks and walks highlighting the artists, galleries and the precinct as a whole. This coordinated day allows for those attending to see the works on show, hear specialist talks and revel in indigenous, modern and contemporary art in Australia.

Talks will begin at 11am and run until 3.45, each talk will run for approximately 20-25mins with many of the speakers taking a number of questions from the floor and then allowing ample time for each audience to walk to the next talk. Each of the participating galleries are located on the eastern side of Smith Street toward Wellington Street and between Derby Street and Peel Street – all within an easy walking distance from one another. Select what you want to see and hear about, follow each talk at each gallery or set your own pace and take the time to stroll around and take a look at what’s going on in the side streets east of Smith Street Collingwood. Closing drinks will then be provided at the end of the day at each of the galleries.


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