What: busy, busy
Who: An eclectic bunch of artists: Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer & Simon McGlinn, Rachel Ang, Sam George, Matthew Greaves, Marc Fernandez, Maara Serwylo, Ace Wagstaff, Rohan Schwartz and Oscar Ferreiro
Where: TCB art inc. Level 1/12 Waratah Place, Melbourne
When: Until 9 October 2010

busy busy tcb art inc

Georgina and I had both had particularly busy days at our respective offices, so were glad to be able to escape in time for the opening of busy, busy at TCB art inc. last week. TCB art inc. is a great little artist run space where many young and emerging artists have the opportunity to take risks in their practice.

After purchasing a glass of wine, we headed into the gallery to check out the exhibition, with our feet sticking to the floor as we went. Ah well, a few uncleaned drink spills never hurt anyone. We found out later on that it was actually double sided tape on the floor binding us all (and the mish-mash of artworks) together.

The show featured a mixture of work, which in many ways seemed completely unrelated. However, perhaps coincidentally, there was a real connection between them. I think it was the spontaneity and the child-like abandon they shared.

busy busy tcb art inc.

busy busy TCB art inc

Maara Serwylo’s work explores the notion of offerings to the unseen presences of childlike dreams. I absolutely loved this piece from her below.

busy busy TCB art inc

The use of Lego and Duplo, along with colourful sketches and the tiny blackboard, gave this sculpture/drawing/installation a pre-school type quality. It was quite obviously targeted at an adult audience though.

I didn’t “do it last night”, but I still couldn’t help but smile back at the two Rummikub pieces, sitting on top, smiling knowingly at me. It was like a shrine built to worship a fantasy sex-life, whether you’ve actually got one or not.

This car ad certainly was busy. And no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

busy busy TCB art inc

On a monitor mounted in the top corner of the gallery, was a slide show of meals that were prepared without a lot of thought at all. I’m not sure what’s on that plate… maybe spaghetti with garlic bread? If I’m right there is no chance I’d be sitting down to that. Perhaps Master Chef has broadened my food horizons a little bit too much.

busy busy TCB art inc

This map of Louisiana had been decorated with colourful sketches inspired by the place names and text already on there, e.g. penises everywhere a place name ends in ‘wood’, Homer over the suburb of Springfield, Michael over Jackson and Elton John over Elton. I’m a big fan of his rose coloured glasses.

busy busy TCB

The title busy, busy is said to be taken from the novel Cats Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, in which the followers of a fictional religion called Bokonon whisper ‘busy, busy, busy’ to each other whenever they come across an example of how interconnected everything is. Inter-connectivity was a theme running through this exhibition, whether it be purely by chance or coincidence. Irreverence against logic.

It’s a really interesting group show. One that will make you smile, and think. I’m going to leave you with a story taken from a flyer I picked up in the gallery, which I think gives some insight into the intentions behind the exhibition.

because my friend drives a very particular car and goes to the university, so I see this car in the university carpark and I assume he’s at the university, but I’m wrong, right? because against all odds, it is not HIS particular car, it is someone elses. I don’t know that it is someone elses however. anyway I see him in the university library later that day because even though this isn’t his particular car in the carpark he was still at uni because he caught the train instead of driving see i knew but i didn’t know for the right reason. I had the wrong evidence and it was just chance that they aligned to the correct answer anyway.

I wonder if this is the kind of example of inter-connectivity the Bokonon would refer to as ‘busy, busy, busy’. Perhaps. This story also make me curious whether the artists intended for their work to tie together so cohesively. Or if the universe just aligned that way for them.

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