Where: Gallery 2, Seventh, 155 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
When: Until 25 September

Feeling slightly seedy myself, on Saturday morning, I came across an interesting installation (if you’d call it that) at Seventh.

Luke Devine had recreated a 20-something boy’s messy bedroom inside the gallery; complete with empty coke bottle, pizza boxes, a healthy stack of VHS cassettes, mattress on the floor and dirty clothes were strewn around the place Tracey Emin style. Somehow he’d even managed to install that familiar musky aroma we all know too well.

The room was dimly lit, but after a couple of seconds we noticed that Luke was actually in the bed, hungover, watching a b-grade movie.

Image courtesy of the artist’s blog. Comes with the caption, “At Seventh. Hungover. Til six. Come spoon”.

George and I felt pretty uncomfortable, like we were invading his personal space at a time when he would have most wanted to be on his own. We didn’t even take more than one step inside the door; I can’t imagine many people would have taken him up on the spooning offer!

Is this how Luke usually spends his days, and for the course of the exhibition he’s just doing it in public? Is this art project a great excuse to get drunk every night? That would be almost compulsory, as hanging out in that dingy dark room feeling fresh and sober would be pretty damn depressing. I wondering if he’s going on a massive detox when this is over or if he’ll just relocate to the privacy of his own home.

Image courtesy of Seventh.

Either way there’s not long left at Seventh for Luke now.  The Hangover (as an exhibition) finishes on Saturday. If you can’t just knock on your brother/housemate/mates bedroom door and see the same thing you should definitely check it out.

Where: Gallery 1, Seventh, 155 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
When: Until 25 September

Another good reason to get to Seventh before Saturday is an incredible installation in the front gallery by Jahnne Pasco-White and Isadora Vaughan.

The key elements were two white buckets filled with water hanging from the room. From these buckets ran two clear plastic tubes which ensured there was a constant flow of water into two kettles sitting on the ground below. The kettles were continuously heating the water and producing steam.

There was very little steam coming from each kettle, but over time it was condensing on the shower curtains that hung around each kettle. What was fascinating was that such little steam could produce massive results. In the picture above you can see the water coming off the shower curtains almost running out the door, and we were there fairly early in the day!

Image courtesy of Seventh.

I stood and watched the condensation forming water droplets, then running in little streams onto the gallery floor. The effect was actually quite beautiful. Close up the pattern created on the curtains looked like an intricate aboriginal dot painting. The natural light coming in the windows, as well as the artificial lighting above, helped create this effect. It also reflected in the pools of water lying on the ground. Magnificent. This is one you have to see for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Shower curtains and hangovers

  1. HAHA the spoon offer did attract one or three respondents, though each of them have a pretty festy room of their own so perhaps they don’t count.

    So in answer to your speculation the exhibition was an exercise in transition: This is how my room had evolved to look. A slight bender was necessary to maintain the hangover, though I did have food poisoning for some of the time which made a fine substitute.

    Generally people experienced a similar apprehensive response when they entered the room. Lots of ‘oh sorry I thought this was part of the gallery’ kind of stuff. If I was sleeping I was treated as if I was an object in the space and discussed, which was kind of amazing.

    After the show I disposed of most of that stuff: The mouldy mattress and it’s trademark odour is gone, as is the TV, stereo, lamp, heater and skanky rug. I figure at 34 it’s time to dispense with the trappings of twentysomething boylife, as fun as it was. And yes, I’m now on detox for at least a fortnight.

    Thanks heaps for coming Alison. Look out for my next show bacon/eggs/chips, particularly if you like eating these things.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Luke!

    Kudos for the show at Seventh – that’s some major commitment to lie in bed in a room with no windows all day for so many days. Thanks for providing some more insight into your experience, although the food poisoning bit does not sound like fun!

    Your next show sounds absolutely delicious, but it sounds like some detoxing may be involved after, too? ;)

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