As Georgina had mentioned in her post yesterday, it was her birthday this weekend. While she was busy celebrating, and preparing for her party that night, I had some time to explore a little closer to home – East Brunswick.

The most interesting thing going on in my neighborhood at the moment is Death Be Kind, a newish gallery upstairs from The Alderman. It’s a 12 month project by two artists Claire Lambe and Elvis Richardson featuring group and solo shows, all centered around the theme of death. It’s been open since June but this was the first chance I’d had to check it out; the gallery isn’t open quite as late as the bar. The exhibition showing was Bela Lugosi’s Dead, Death Be Kind’s second exhibition, featuring work from Carla Cescon (Sydney), Tony Garifalakis (Melbourne) and Simon Scheuerle (Canberra).

Feeling very relaxed after a Magners in beer garden, I climbed the wooden staircase only to be greeted by black and white footage from a horror film. I had just watched The Omen the night before (bad move) and hadn’t quite recovered, so I quickly hurried past hoping those dreams about Damien wouldn’t return.

I found myself alone in the gallery’s largest room with two wall drawings of inverted crucifix’s, constructed with VHS tape from The Exorcist one and two, by Tony Garifalakis; who’s actually one of mine and Georgina’s teachers at VCA. They were both very striking, and with the noise of the horror film still in the background, kind of chilling too. For those of you without too much knowledge of diabolical symbols the inverted crucifix is a symbol for both the Devil and the Antichrist, yikes! So simple yet so powerful.

I was told to come and have a look in the office where the exhibition continued. It was a very small room, where two staff members were working amongst some pretty freaky Simon Scheuerle pieces. A Christmas style wreath, with a dead goats head in the centre, hung above their desk. Some smaller sculptures including one of mice having a threesome sat on the bookcase; that one will be very hard to forget! A life-sized levitating man with long flowing white hair and a flowing white beard filled the rest of the space, and… he didn’t appear to have any strings attached to him.

While there was certainly an eerie feeling to the exhibition I couldn’t take any of it too seriously; luckily. Similar to a classic horror film it was there to be enjoyed. Preferably with a drink in hand.


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