No blog ever goes without a introductory first post. Well, maybe some do but I’m far too geeky not to!

Welcome to the Not-Quite-Critics blog! This blog was conceived as a result of an excitement packed 4 minute discussion between Ali and I on how there is a lack of online communities, blogs and forums in Australia for lovers of contemporary art. I mean, if you think of say food blogs, there is a plethora of them around. Everyone’s going out and checking out cafes, bakeries and restaurants and writing about their experience. Food critiquing is no longer solely in the hands (and mouths) of food critics. So our observation was, if any one and anyone’s pet cockroach can write about food, why can’t we write about art? Why should all the art critics and art historians with PhDs have all the fun?

As much as we all like to seem intellectual reading high brow art journals and pretending that we do not need to consult a dictionary to understand some of the flowery terms associated with art writing, we think there is a need and desire somewhere out there in the vast internet universe for blogs that are just simply about loving art for loving art’s sake, going out and seeing the work and writing about it in an honest, jargon-free manner and, most of all, not taking themselves too seriously.

And so you have it! The Contemporary Art musings of two not-quite-critics blog was born. We hope that you will be entertained and inspired to engage with all the amazing art that we have right here in Melbourne, in Australia and globally.


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